BOGUS BASIN – Great Skiing, Even Greater Ski Season Rates!

11 02 2008


I am personally not a big skier- okay, so I really do have two left feet, but whatever! I have, however been told that we have great skiing here in Idaho. Bogus Basin is probably the most popular ski area because of it’s close proximity to the valley (a whopping 16.5 mi. from Boise!) , and great rates.

Bogus always has some sort of event going on- for example, this next weekend they will be hosting the Dotty Clark Races. The Winter Games, for recreational and amateur athletes of Idaho and the region, are also currently taking place.

For anyone interested, I did receive a really great special in the mail today. Bogus is having a Presidents Day Sale from February 14th – 19th, and they have season ski passes (the rest of this season AND all of next) for $199! They also have fabulous rates for families and children.

At these prices, maybe I should give skiing another go! Or maybe not.





4 02 2008

Gary and I attended a Realtor Appreciation Banquet hosted by Hubble Homes on Saturday night. Hubble is a local builder who typically builds entry level homes throughout the valley, and boasts a “More for your money” campaign.

Obviously a very wise business man, Don Hubble has focused his marketing dollars directly towards Realtors. Unlike the housing market of 2004-2005, he seems to understand how important the Realtor- Builder relationship is to his business. His plan seems to be paying off- I was at a new community last Friday, and they had sold 18+ homes in January alone! Those numbers are amazing, and only help enforce my belief that our market is getting ready for another switch- in the right direction! Very Exciting!!!

The event was very nice- Dinner, drinks, music and some fun contests. We were able to meet quite a few Realtors, which is always a networking bonus. Spoke with several agents who said their phones were ringing a lot more frequently, and they definitely saw their sales picking up.

I think we made a wise move! Feeling the positive energy all around~


Real Estate Market is Looking Bright- Life’s Good!

1 02 2008

Busy, busy! Gary and I have been swamped with work lately (mind you, this is a good thing!). Website creation is in the works, along with all the marketing tools we’ve been researching and social networking we’ve joined- My eyes are blurry from all the time online I’ve spent over the past few days.

We’ll be meeting with area small businesses over the next few days. We’ve created a monthly newsletter, and will be offering free advertising and coupons for these businesses. It’s been wonderful seeing how small business owners can still flourish here. We’d like to do all we can to promote them, and in return, ourselves.

Good news keeps sprouting up here as well. All the market indicators show that we continue to deplete the existing housing inventory, and homes are continuing to rise in value. The last numbers I read were that we had a 5% increase over last year (not a bad number, looking at so many of the other housing markets nationwide). Our office numbers almost doubled last months, another great sign. We’re so excited that we chose Boise to grow our business!

Hope everyone has a great week!

The WordPress “Switch”

26 01 2008

Well, you made it here, so I’ll assume that means you got my email and have changed your bookmark to the WordPress site. I decided to switch over to wordpress because I am creating my Business Blog here as well. It’s a bit of a learning curve, so please bear with me;)…

Hope ya’ll enjoy the new blog!


23 01 2008

One of the largest deciding factors for our move here was that Boise frequently receives national recognition for its quality of life and business climate. It’s definitely a bonus to know that our city ranks so high on so many different polls! A few of the recent accolades are as follows:

  • Best places for business and careers: # 3 (Forbes Magazine, 2007)
  • Urban environment report card: # 6 (Earth Day Network, 2007)
  • Boomtowns: Hottest cities for entrepreneurs (mid-size cities): # 9 (, 2007)
  • Most secure places to live (500,000 or more residents): # 1 (Farmers Insurance 2006)
  • Best places to live: # 8 (Money Magazine, 2006)


25 10 2007

Football and the people of Boise are one and the same. Being from a place that only supported it’s sports team if it was a winning one, this whole football camaraderie was something entirely new to me. It’s amazing how people respond to “Bronco Madness”!

If you weren’t aware, the Broncos had a loss-free season last year, and proceeded to upset Oklahoma in the infamous Fiesta Bowl.

We’ve been lucky enough to attend two home games this year. We went to the opening game against Weber State- a game that Boise dominated (56-7). And then the Boise/ University Nevada Reno game- although my birth state is Nevada, Reno was always UNLV’s rival, so I had no problem cheering Boise on to an ultimately difficult, 4-OT win (69-67). This game set a record for most points in an NCAA Division I-A game since 1937, when official record keeping began. This was a toughy to watch, but we pulled through!

Seeing all the Orange and Blue at these games was amazing! And the tail-gating… Let me just say it’s something I’d never seen in my life! The entire Bronco Stadium parking lot filled with motor homes, pick up’s, passenger cars- grills and big screens, tables, chairs and tents. A sea of Orange and Blue!

Tomorrow we face Fresno State. We are the favorite, but there is sure to be some excitement as both teams have some of the best special teams in college football. If you care to check out our Boise Broncos, they’ll be on ESPN2 tomorrow night! GO BRONCOS!!!!!

Swan Falls, Idaho

29 09 2007

When you have a gorgeous Idaho Sunday it can be a tough decision to figure out what your going to do. Today we decided to take the boat to the Snake River (one of the 40+ rivers in Idaho!). Leaving Meridian and heading south through Kuna Idaho, we went launched at Swan Falls Dam.

The dam was built in 1901, and is the oldest hydroelectric dam on the Snake River. The original plant is still in place, and they offer tours with advance notice. Swan Falls is also part of the Birds of Prey National Conservation area.

The day itself was absolutely beautiful. Not a cloud in sight! Fishing could have been a bit more productive, but I did manage to hook a fishette 🙂 A baby small mouth bass. The area we were in does have bass, crappie, and trout, but the fish were avoiding us at all cost.

These Coots seemed to be doing a lot better than us with the fish!

Before leaving we had the opportunity to watch a couple of guys parasailing. It was magnificant watching them navigate and know and understand the wind. I’ve got to try that one of these days!